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Earn Money By Writing Online

We have discussed about many programs that grant us money for writing online. Everyone can write online but many fail to earn from them. There may be mistake at any stage. Either at start, or at end. There are regular steps for every program to earn money Online. Following reasons can lead you to failure.
Reason behind Failure in Online WritingChoice of wrong program: Many people invest lots of time and do lot of hard work. At the time of payment they realize that program was scam and all of their hard work vanished. Rejection and Revision rates matter a lot. Signup Form mistakes:There are many people who fill forms with wrong credentials and at the time of payment they have to verify their identity. At that time many writers fail to verify and hence they loose their money. Sometimes their robot programs detect that you have deceived them, therefore it results in suspension or termination of your account and off course you lose your earnings also.Choice of wrong categories and sectio…

What are Payment Processors

I have been part of online money making programs for a long time, but I was never so much confused when I was requested to submit details of payment Processors whose account belongs to me. Whenever you will discuss about online banking or E-wallet then first thing that will be asked from you is that what is a Payment Processor? There are two methods to get rid of this question. First one is to skip this topic and start another one but second is to learn and discuss that one so we never face any difficulty again when we talk about that topic again.
When I started the blog, there were two things that were I thinking to start. But it was quite boring to start discussions with introduction of Payment Processors. But people do not like to get bored because same topics are everywhere on internet and in offline books. The people wants to learn something new, unusual or extra ordinary.
That is why I skipped the topics for later and started directly by discussing online Money Making Opportuni…

How to earn money by viewing ads on MasonBux

As I have discussed How to Earn Money by viewing ads on Xonlinx,  I tried to complete a micro job there and this resulted in membership of a new program named Mason bux. To complete job, I have to register with the referral link islamnoor34(changed for privacy) and have to view ads of a day there. I have to be paid just one cent for this whole job that I have done. Now my job is pending for approval. May my job approved else I have to move the whole program to scams sections to keep my blog readers away from the scams as much possible as I can. Today we are going to discussHow to earn money by viewing ads on MasonBux

When I joined I faced a crappy action of reading 12 messages in built in message box of MasonBUX. It took the same time I used to complete multiple micro jobs at the other freelancing sites as Microworkers and Microearners. But reading the messages helped me to understand program. In first of message I came to know that admin was facing the problem of auto cli…

Earn Money By Viewing Ads On Xonlinx

Long time we have not discussed any paid to click program it is just because we have discussed many high paying programs. PTCs pays very low as compared to them that is why we thought that it is better to discuss some programs that can pay your electricity bills.

Xonlinx is a paid to click program with higher rates but low amount of ads. I am member of many online earnings programs so that’s why I cannot grant enough time to this program. Once I have viewed 4 ads and my account was credited one cent per ad I have viewed. So my earnings were four cent per day. I was having standard membership so I minimum payout for standard members is four dollars. That’s why I had to wait for hundred days to reach my minimum payout. It was because I was having basic membership. Neither have I had direct referrals nor rented referrals.
Upgraded members enjoy more juice from them. Their earnings are double. They have less fees to rent referrals. Higher amount of referrals and minimum payou…

What are the Online Surveys

The most favorite programs of any online money maker cannot be other than the surveys. Surveys are the favorite because of less complexion and big rewards for less efforts and expanding. In this article we are going to discuss this in brief. What are the Surveys All of use many services like banking and we also deal with many people whether we are shopping. All of those people do this for their favor and we choose all because we love something and we stop to make deals because we do not like any single thing. Sometimes the other party manage to know the exact reason but sometimes they are failed to do so.
When you go to any ATM machine to withdraw online earnings or the cash you need. Now a days ATM machines are has more functions just like transferring money and other things. The people from every class moves to the ATM so the authorities tries to provide better support and customer care services. If you notice the environment, you will see AC. telephone. But another thing that wil…

How To Earn $1500 a month by writing on Textbroker

Hi Friends, Earlier from Google analytic and admin panel of this blog we have noticed that people are taking interest in online writing programs and opportunities. In Earlier Posts we have discussed about Online writing opportunities and techniques to become a professional writer. No one is professional from birth. Newbie is the first step to become Professional. No professional started his/her career with perfection but they learned by making mistakes.
Why Freelancing? In earlier Posts we discussed Expertscloumn and other online writing programs just as Hubpages. Expertscoloumn was a well-paying site because they were paying till your content is online and fulfilling the requirements. They pay for page views and comments your content receive. But Hubpages was one step forward than them because of higher rates and the visits the content receives.
Although we love the Programs that pay for life time until our content is online but sometimes we are in need of instant cash. Those site …